“Foldable is Gone”: Intel and Samsung Launch First Slider Screens to Market

Samsung and Intel a. working on the design of 17-inch expandable screen laptop And without the keyboard to demonstrate the ability of the OLED screen.

This device slides up and down Avoid becoming a 13-inch tablet Apart from the 17-inch screen, it was unveiled a few days back at the Intel Innovation Event.

JS Choi (Samsung CEO) stated that they are “announcing the world’s first slider screen for PC”, meeting the needs of users who request a larger portable device.

To extend the screen, as reported on CNET, the product Incorporates a mechanism that unwinds a flexible component And while the quest to reduce the size of the device is rolled out again, Intel and Samsung don’t rule out the idea of ​​adding a keyboard in the future.

for now it’s a concept In which Intel has been experimenting with different formats for some time now, noting that the company made its Horseshoe Bend public in 2020 with a folding design similar to a 17-inch tablet.

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