Former Planned Parenthood chief Cecil Richards on the future of abortion debate

The former head of Planned Parenthood isn’t sure what effect the Supreme Court’s decision will have Reversing Roe v. Wade will be on mid term electionBut Cecil Richards says the long-term debate on abortion is still “at the tip of the iceberg” in the post-Roe world.

“We will learn a lot,” said Cecil Richards, who is now co-chair of the Democratic-aligned group American Bridge 21st Century. “Mid-term elections are only one measure of what is happening in the country. But I think long term, [political momentum for abortion rights] Not going to happen.”

Richards headed Planned Parenthood from 2006 to 2018 and spoke to Major Garrett, CBS News’ lead Washington correspondent for “The Takeout” this week.

Richards frames the abortion debate in the context of the government’s role in individual health care decisions. she points out ballot amendment Kansas voters rejected in August that abortion rights would be restricted in a traditionally Republican state.

“People across the political spectrum are saying, in fact, regardless of my own personal feelings, I don’t think the government should make these decisions,” Richards said.

Next week, Garrett talks to Marjorie Danenfelser, president of Pro-Life America, a longtime opponent of abortion rights, Susan B. Anthony.

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