Former police detective, others indicted for forcibly sexually abusing women

A Kansas City Police Department detective and three others are facing life in prison, among other crimes, by a federal grand jury charged with conspiracy to hold young women into positions of involuntary sexual slavery.

According to a grand jury indictment announced by the Justice Department on Monday, prosecutors alleged that former detectives Roger Golubsky, Cecil Brooks, Lemark Roberson and Richard Robinson were all involved in criminal activity that ran from 1996 to 1998. Brooks reportedly provided a location in an apartment building in Kansas City where the young women were held.

Brooks, Roberson and Robinson all allegedly used physical beatings, sexual assault and threats to force young women to provide sexual services to men.

Detective Golubsky, now 69, allegedly accepted money from Brooks, provided protection from law enforcement, and forcibly raped a young woman, whose identity was not disclosed.

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This undated photo provided by the Edwardsville Police Department shows Roger Golubsky.

AP. via Edwardsville Police Department

The four men are accused of conspiring to hold women into positions of involuntary sexual servitude. On the second count, Brooks, Robinson and Roberson are charged with holding a young woman into a state of involuntary servitude and forcing her to provide sexual services to Roberson. On the third count, Brooks, Roberson and Golubsky are charged with involuntary servitude of an isolated young woman and forcing her to provide sexual services to adult men, including all three of them.

If convicted, each of the four men faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Golubsky, the detective, has previously been charged with civil rights violations for allegedly acting under the law to commit serious sexual assaults between 1998 and 2001. According to the September announcement, he also faces a maximum sentence of life in prison on those charges. in connection with the charges against him. Golubsky has pleaded not guilty to these charges.

Golubsky, who retired from the Kansas City Police Department in 2010, was associated with Wrongful imprisonment of Lamonte McIntyre in 1994. At the time of his arrest, McIntyre was 17 years old.

McIntyre’s mother said in the affidavit that Golubsky forced her into sexual acts and harassed her son before pleading guilty Based on “Contradictory and Coercive Testimony” And no physical evidence. McIntyre served 23 years in prison before being released and released in October 2017. Golubsky has denied any wrongdoing in that case.

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