Former Wisconsin hospice nurse accused of amputating leg of deceased without her permission

A former Wisconsin hospice nurse is facing felony charges after allegedly cutting the leg of a man who died without the consent or permission of doctors. Mary Brown, 38, is subjected to physical abuse and a one-time scuffle with an elderly man.

According to a criminal complaint, a Pierce County medical examiner contacted authorities in June after performing an autopsy on a deceased 62-year-old man whose leg was not attached to his body, but “lying next to him.”

The complaint states that the man was kept in a nursing home after suffering frostbite in both his legs in March 2022, which became necrotic after falling in his own home and leaving the heat. The complaint states that Brown, a nurse working at the facility, allegedly amputated the man’s leg on May 27, because she told investigators that she wanted to ease his suffering and give him some “dignity”. Is.

“Brown had no doctor’s orders to perform the amputation,” the complaint reads. “She said she had no authority to amputate the victim’s leg. Brown did not have permission to amputate the victim’s leg. Nursing home administrators agreed that it was within Brown’s practice to conduct such a procedure.” and the doctor’s order was necessary before any dissection.”

The complaint states that Brown said she would have wanted the leg amputated if she had been in the man’s position.

Facility administrator Kevin Larson also told police that Brown was not allowed to have the leg amputated, but if asked by a hospice doctor, Larson believes he would have approved the procedure. . The complaint said Larson initially asked Brown to immobilize the man’s leg, which was attached to only one tendon, “because the victim was passing within hours.” “He said VICTIM lasted longer than expected and it was a few days and Brown believed it was the right thing to do.”

Larson said that when Brown later asked him what to do with the cut food, he assumed it had fallen, the complaint said.

Brown and another nurse told police they did not think the person felt any pain during the dissection. However, another nurse said that when she asked the man what happened a few days after the leg was removed, he said, “When they amputated his leg, he felt everything and it felt very bad.”

The complaint noted that after several other nurses said that Brown had mentioned that she planned to tax the foot, one nurse told investigators that Brown had mentioned that her family owned a taxidermy shop. At least two nurses told police that Brown intended to make a demonstration by foot with some sort of sign to remind people to “put on their shoes.”

It is not clear from the complaint when the youth died.

Brown’s two charges each carry a maximum prison sentence of 40 years.

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