Four years after Zagg’s “impressionenti”, Paola Rojas burst into tears when she remembered him: “I felt deeply ashamed”.

The former couple had two children in a marriage that dissolved after the video for “Zag” was leaked (Photo: @Irzague / @paolarojas)

before the start of russia world cup 2018an intimate video of Luis Roberto Alves ‘Jag’ leaked on social networks, in which the former soccer player and now soccer commentator was seen exposing his genitals in front of a mirror and uttering phrases addressed to another person, to whom the clip would be directed.

The topic immediately caused a stir and with the adjective “impressive” – ​​alluding to what the 55-year-old said in today’s video – Brazil was the subject of all kinds of memes, jokes and derision, as He also damned who his wife was at the timejournalist paola rojas,

According to “Zaguino”Who have already been interviewed by YouTube channel in 2020 canned, it was all a conspiracy against his personBecause the said scandal cost the former American a lot including his marriage.

Zagg and his wife Paola Rojas during happy times (Photo: File)
Zagg and his wife Paola Rojas during happy times (Photo: File)

“No one in life is perfect, I’m Catholic, and the only perfect one is God. We can all be wrong. Unfortunately, that hack came through, that conspiracy, a conspiracy that they tried to take advantage of something. It was a conspiracy because they left him out of the world cup one day, it was very infamous, the day before Mexico played against Germany, it was someone’s conspiracy. I don’t know if he wanted to harm me, if he wanted to take advantage, I don’t know and I’m not interested.

But now it was his ex-wife who referred to the issue again, very difficult for him, because at that time and “without fear or fear”, the journalist televisa FHe was teased which hurt him emotionally.

paola rojas She was invited to the YouTube program “Isabel Lascuaran Opens the Box of…” where she revealed that the pain caused by the scandal united her with other women and that she was the first to introduce the concept of “sorority”. Was able to see.

televisa journalist will leave her program "In the air" To start a new phase in N+ (Photo: Instagram/@paolarojas)
The Televisa journalist will leave her program “Al Aire” to start a new phase in N+ (Photo: Instagram/@paolarojas)

He said, “It gives you direction…the first thing I would say for anybody who’s going through a rough time is you have to protect the minors. Protecting minors is above your sadness or your anger, That’s how I did it and I’m very satisfied and very happy to have done it that way”, also commented the television host Leonardo and Paulo Alves dos Santos RojasChildren born together with today’s commentator.

The television reporter said that her work was also a great help in recovering from the bitter pill, as she was vulnerable to facing the public eye. “At that moment, the responsibility activated me, I have to go to work and there is no excuse not to do it … But I feel something very deep and that is I have no reason to feel ashamed, though I felt it deep downA lot… yes, I felt very embarrassed, very embarrassed for many reasons.”

The journalist insisted that it was her family and friendly support network that was able to pull her out of the emotional breakdown (Photo: Screenshot)
The journalist insisted that it was her family and friendly support network that was able to pull her out of the emotional breakdown (Photo: Screenshot)

And it was his support network that made it possible for the journalist to get out of such a difficult situation. “I have a huge network of love… Of course my mom is very important, but I think about the friends who don’t have their moms anymore and what would I tell them that Always make a web of love. it’s all the difference, Whatever you have to live for, whether there are people around you who love you deeply, that’s another matter.”

Paola stressed that with this situation she was not trying to victimize herself, but wanted to turn this sour episode in her life into an opportunity for emotional learning, with which she also managed to empathize with women. doing.

“In this country so manly and so violent… There are so many women who are victims of constant violence and terrible things, mine is gentle compared to the stories of so many women, The pain connects in a different way, one that is much deeper and more real,” he shared.

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