“Fraud 2” ending explained: What happened to the Sanderson sisters and what the post-credits scene means

Caution, spoiler alert. ,cheat 2A Disney film directed by Anne Fletcher and written by Jane D’Angelo, is set 29 years after the 1993 classic horror comedy directed by Kenny Ortega and brings back Bette Midler, Kathy Najimi, and Sarah Jessica Parker as the Sanderson Sisters, This time, high school student Becca is in charge of lighting the black flame candle.

,abracadabra 2Also known as “The Return of the Witches 2”, It begins in 1653 with the younger Winnie confronting the Reverend Truske, who seeks to force her to marry another young man from Salem. When the elder Sanderson refuses, they threaten to take away his sisters, so The three take refuge in the Forbidden Forest where a powerful witch gives them the book.,

Today Becca is preparing to do the ritual she does every year for her birthday, but this time she’ll only be with her friend Izzy, as Cassie spends most of her time with her boyfriend. Instead of going with her friends, she organizes a Halloween party, taking advantage of the fact that her father, who is Salem’s mayor, will be at the fair.

Before performing their ritual, Becca and Izzy stop by Gilbert’s store, which is dedicated to telling the story of the Sanderson sisters and selling items related to their history. The owner of the old witches’ cabin gives them a very special candle and suggests that they bring a plant that can undo spells.

Becca, Izzy and Cassie leave school in “Hocus Pocus 2” (Photo: Disney Plus)

What happened at the end of “HOCUS POCUS 2”?

During the ritual, the candle that Gilbert gave him unexpectedly lit up. The two young women try to pull it off without success, so they go into hiding while the Sanderson sisters appear. and perform one of their classic musical numbers. To avoid death, Izzy and Becca convince them that they too are witches and convince them that they no longer need to kill children because the youth potion is now sold at the pharmacy.

Of course, the hero of “cheat 2The deception is soon realized, but the students manage to escape using a little salt. To chase them, Winnie gets a classic broomstick, while her sisters are forced to resort to similar objects to be able to fly. Sara gets a mop and Mary gets two robot vacuums.

Sanderson follows the young women to Gilbert’s store, who confesses that since he saw them fly by 29 years ago, he has gathered everything needed to get them back., After locking Becca and Izzy in a dungeon, Winnie forces Gilbert to gather everything needed to cast the ultimate power spell, while they find Truske’s descendants.

Becca and Izzy escape the dungeon using Angelica’s leaves to remove the curse and head to the mayor’s house to stop the witches from finding her and using her blood in their magic. Although they trap them in a circle of salt, Mary Kay’s vacuum cleaner frees them.

Instead of taking the mayor, they take his daughter Cassie, who reconciles with them after seeing that her friends weren’t lying about the Sanderson sisters. eventually, Winnie, Mary and Sarah have everything they need to cast the spell, including Billy the Butcher’s head.

Sanderson sisters shocked to see creams and lotions allegedly containing baby spirit "cheat 2" (Photo: Disney Plus)
The Sanderson sisters were surprised to see alleged creams and lotions containing the spirits of children in “Hocus Pocus 2” (Photo: Disney Plus)

What does the ending of “HOCUS POCUS 2” mean?

Do the Sanderson sisters manage to cast the final spell?

Despite Book’s insistence, Winnie ignores the last spell’s warning and completes it together with her sisters., The three witches are more powerful, but Becca and her friends are no longer defenseless, as Izzy learns that the birthday girl can also cast magic.

Becca uses her power to protect her friends and convinces Book to leave Winnie. Although Sanderson seems strong, the three friends join forces and manage to confront him.

in that moment, Mary and Sarah begin to disappear because in order to cast the final spell, a witch must make the sacrifice she values ​​most., Winnie’s most precious thing is her sisters, so she loses them forever.

Heartbroken, she requests Becca to use her magic to undo the spell. The student agrees, but the only way to help her is to send them to her sisters, to which Vinnie happily agrees.

Post-credits scene from “Cheat 2”

In the scene after the credits”cheat 2, Gilbert’s cat walks around the store before stopping near a box labeled “BF #2 Candle.”, Does this mean the Sanderson sisters may return at some point?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bette Midler, who played Vinnie, admitted that she “Cheat,If there was a third one, of course I would sign up, but I don’t know how. I can’t imagine what the story will be like but I love Winifred, Sarah, Mary and we have a good relationship.,

Gilbert delivers the second candle, so it's possible the Sanderson sisters return in another Sanderson movie. "Cheat" (Photo: Disney Plus)
Gilbert delivers the second candle, so the Sanderson sisters can be back in another “Hocus Pocus” movie (Photo: Disney Plus)

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