Free Drone Scanner App Tracks Drones Flying Near You

To check if there is a drone near you, only one mobile is needed. Most drones operating in the United States must be remotely identifiable by law. Czech company DroneTag took advantage of this regulation to create an app available for iOS and Android that tracks drone flights nearby.

The data provided by remote identification of the drone is its model, location, altitude and control station or where it took off. The DroneTag app, a drone scanner, uses a smartphone’s WiFi and Bluetooth to collect information on drones with remote ID transmitting.

According to its developers, the platform allows the user to explore a detailed map with their own location and all the nearby air vehicles. In particular, it is possible to know the data available on the drones and know in real time how high they are, which direction they are taking, operation details and location history.

Drone Scanner also allows web users to view marked flight areas highlighted on a map and export the collected drone data. DroneTag intends to continuously update the app to keep up with the latest European and US regulations on these devices.

The company’s CEO Lukas Brachal assured Drone DJ that they “do not abuse the data as the full implementation and code are published on GitHub”. “Anyone can dive into the code, add their own comments, and even drive future development of the app,” Brachal says.

The deadline to comply with the regulation that requires most US drones to remotely identify themselves is September 2023. For its part, in Europe, remote identification for specific categories of drones will not be mandatory until January 2024. This means that, although some manufacturers have already started to implement the technology that allows the correct functioning of the drone scanner, the application cannot track all the drones you have.

However, Brachal points out that there are many drones already equipped with remote detection, despite the fact that the mandate is not enforced.

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