Freeform, the new app that Apple launches for teamwork for free on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple wants its customers to be able to do collaborative work remotely via iPhone, iPad or Mac. For this reason, it has launched Freeform, a free application available in the App Store that allows users to organize or present. Visually a material on a free-form canvas.

The platform allows all participants to view, share and collaborate at the same time and remotely. Everyone can add files to Freedom and preview the collaborative work they’re doing. is compatible with Photos, Videos, Audios, Documents, PDFs, Website Links, Map Locations, Sticky Notes, Shapes & Diagrams etc.

Panels created through Freedom are saved on Apple’s cloud storage platform, iCloud, This enables users to continue the work they were doing from the brand’s computer, but from a tablet or smartphone.

Freedom allows you to start a FaceTime video call, so team members can see each other face to face while creating or planning a project. There are also ‘mood boards’ or visual panels, where you can save collage or inspiration files,

The app is compatible with FaceTime, so you can see the faces of the people you work with.
The app is compatible with FaceTime, so you can see the faces of the people you work with.

Remote work also encourages play.

There are a myriad of situations for which the services offered by Apple’s Freedom can be used:

  • education: The app also has activity panels for teachers who deliver their classes remotely. With this option students can split into teams and work on their respective areas and then present their findings to a joint panel.
  • Renewal: Professionals involved in home repairs can share their plans with homeowners through Freedom. Thanks to the platform, they will be able to collect inspirational images, color samples, links to planned purchases, etc. on a single panel.
  • Travel Plan: Thanks to Freedom, you can organize a trip with your friends and family, add budget, maps, links to restaurants and places to visit, photos, playlists to drive…

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