From a cruise, Adamari Lopez raises the temperature in a colorful swimsuit

Social networks of famous people tout swimsuits as the great heroes of the moment and it’s how they shared their best looks, from Kylie Jenner and Fernanda Castillo’s black bikinis to welcome autumn. swimming costume very colorful that beautiful modeled this sunday adamari lopez And due to which it created a ruckus in the network. As if that wasn’t enough, with this latest outfit, the actress confirmed herself as a fashion diva.

though his colorful swimsuit With prints perfect to use regardless of age, it is the perfect choice for women over 50 who want to look fashionable without losing an elegant and glamorous image. Likewise, he made it clear that such a bet is brilliant to exit the genre. cruise And enforce fashion while still managing to capture everyone’s eyes for how iconic it looks.

on some occasions adamari lopez seen in swimming suit And with her most recent post on Instagram, she showed that at 51 years old she still has one of the most attractive figures in the industry, plus she knows all the fashion secrets with which she can be perfect and in great style. Looks. On this occasion, she showed that shades like pastel pink and green are perfect to woo everyone.

This is the look with which Admari Lopez caused an uproar in the network. (Photo: IG @adamarilopez)

“Life is a million moments,” wrote the Puerto Rican show your outfit This Sunday, he enjoyed the comforts of a luxury cruise. As far as her swimsuit is concerned, this one is different in one piece and with a halter neckline Which allows both the shoulders and arms to be highlighted, while the neck stands out for a thick strap that lends a touch of elegance.

other thing, adamari lopez added colorful kimono To look more glamorous in your photo session and whose shape allows the figure to look even more stylish, in addition to being a great choice for women who are looking for a more discreet and simple style, with lots of not to attract much attention and which is perfect for covering Swimsuit necklines.

It should be noted that both the kimono and the swimsuit have the same asymmetric print With a variety of variations in which colors like pastel pink, green, navy blue or violet are appreciated, but what to neutralize? colorful Out of the clothes, the actress wore a beach cap and dark glasses, which also helped in achieving a very glamorous image.

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