From a yacht, Livia Brito paralyzed the net with a blue crochet bikini

beautiful actress livia brito Video shared in a story of instagram in which he wastes sexuality From a yacht, a . with Bikini blue with stripes and crochet, which does not leave much to the imagination; The images immediately caused a stir among them followerswho appreciated such a gift.

It’s no secret to anyone that Cuba She is one of the celebrities who love to show her Property In social networkespecially as instagramWhere he always shows his perfect anatomy.

Her outfit, with crochets on the sides, was mesmerizing for her fanbecause the Caribbean woman showed she is at her best and she has a Body structure Brilliant, so he toured his whole camera Body and made it clear that exercise and a good diet have brought great results in addition to Sun tanning gave it a more sensual touch Video who paralyzed them Network,

From the sea, Livia Brito pampers her followers. Photo: Screenshot.

and that although livia has been included in various scandalseven being accused of killing one journalistsThis time he forgot his fans art of debate that which surrounds him and focuses on great body Like the dream that evokes the envy of some, hence its painted silhouette, with march in the background, became the topic of conversation and brito He mesmerized everyone with his charm

Since debut in 2010 telenovela With her role as Fernanda Sandoval “Trunfo del Amor” won public and men with their hearts Face angelic and its well worked and toned Body,

The beauty of Cuba is undeniable. Photo: Screenshot.

from years Actress She managed to play more and more better roles until she became the heroine of a Mexican melodrama at the age of 36, leading some to consider her the Queen of Queens. Mexican soap opera,


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Livia Brito shines in natural poses, flaunts stunning body in bubbly bikini

Livia Brito, more beautiful than ever, appears in a printed skirt and white shirt

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