From bed, Shakira’s cousin just paralyzed the network with a towel

Valerie Dominguez is a Colombian actress, model, designer and television presenter who is considered one of the most beautiful women in her country. In addition, she is known to have a kinship Shakira, given that she is the 45-year-old singer’s cousin. Through her Instagram account, she is in charge of showing that she has nothing to envy her cousin and showed off her incredible figure from the bed, thus catching everyone’s eyes.

In the year 2005, Valerie Dominguezu She was crowned Miss Colombia and a year later she competed in the Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles where she was among the ten finalists. After entering the competition, the Colombian model ventured into acting, receiving a secondary role in the telenovela ‘Hasta que la plata nos sepere’. In 2010, she played the role of ‘Christina’ in the series ‘Gentlemen Prefer Brutes’, which was produced by Sony. Years later, he was called as the presenter of the International Festival of Humor.

Valerie Dominguez, Colombian actress and model. Source Instagram @valeriedomi

most special Valerie Dominguezu It is that she is related to the Colombian singer Shakira. In more than one interview, the 41-year-old model said: “I am a relative Shakira From my father who is the nephew of his father. We are cousins”. For some years, she has been in a relationship with Juan David Echeveri, with whom she had a son. A few days earlier, her husband was “preferring to order the girl”, leading to the model’s appearance. There was a reaction.

Through his Instagram account where he has nearly three million followers, Valerie Dominguezu She showed why she is one of the most beautiful women in her country and showed off her incredible figure through a post. From the bed, Shakira’s cousin fell in love with everyone and defied the limits of the ban with a picture of herself covering her with a robe.

Valerie Dominguez took all eyes off the bed. Source Instagram @valeriedomi

Another photo shared by K’s cousin Shakira It was by the pool and showing off his curves while wearing an incredibly tight swimsuit. Plus, Valerie Dominguez showed how to keep her body in shape at age 41 by showing her her exercise routine.

Shakira’s cousin by the pool. Source Instagram @valeriedomi

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