From behind, La Mala Rodriguez turns on the net in a risky swimsuit

Bad Rodriguez created a stir among millions of his fans with Video in which he was shining Backwards, in your official account instagramThe Spanish singer shared a short clip in which she is seen jumping out of the pool and showing off her curvy silhouette risky swimsuit black with network turned on And leaving little to the imagination, confirming that it is one of the prettiest platforms out there.

Maria Rodriguez Garrido, originally the actress’s real name Spainhas become one of the most internationally recognized artists, renowned for her talent on stage, but also for being one of those women who captivate the network with her revealing outfits, a Perfect for showing the sensual and provocative side as she saw it in her recent post.

La Mala Rodriguez shines in swimsuit

,Bad”As she is also known in the international artistic environment, Meta publishes images on the platform in which she is seen wearing a daring outfit with which she looks and sighs, because swimming suit The high-waisted allows her to show off her curves and all her beauty, enchanting her 1.4 million fans who showered her compliments and compliments.

The Spanish singer captivated her millions of followers with her look because, like on other occasions, she showed off her curvy figure and showed that she’s not afraid to show off with loose clothes and is ready to defy the restrictions of the network is showing off a lot of his skin, as he did in the video he recently shared instagram in which it appears Backwards and get out of the pool.

On this occasion, Rodriguez did not use any phrases to accompany the clip, but did leave some emojis of monkeys covering their faces, a publication that has already received over 88 thousand “likes” and thousands of accompanying phrases. Comments such as: “Great Body”, “How That Give Me Heat”, “Sometimes As Always!!”, “Bella!!”, “In Love”, “That Back”, “Beautiful Mermaid” and “I Prefer You To” Coffee in the Morning”, among many others.

La Mala Rodriguez has made everyone crazy with her looks. Photo: IG @malarodriguez

Bad Rodriguez She can be seen with the most daring outfits on her networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as confirmed by her recent publication on the meta platform, in which she has millions of followers, giving her the opportunity to fill up with messages ever since. do not leave. With hundreds of admirable emojis of hearts, loving faces and flames, to remind her just how beautiful she is.

Born in the province of Jerez de la Frontera, in the city of Cádiz in the southeast of Spain, “La Mala” showed an interest in music from an early age, however, before reaching success on the stage, she had to work as a waitress. , aerobics teacher and sweeper, however, his great talent and originality have made him one of the most internationally renowned Spaniards today.

The singer boasts of a great body. Photo: IG @malarodriguez

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