From behind, lis vega turns up the temperature in sensual red lingerie

lis vega One of the best moments in her career and her personal life, because apart from getting married a few weeks ago, she also has a new project lazy, In her official accounts, the Cuban singer revealed some images of her collaboration with the famous publication, in which she showed Backwards and showing off her curvy silhouette in one sexy red lingerie,

The beautiful Cuban has a career spanning over 20 years, and although she has been criticized for her physical changes over time, the singer and dancer also shows that she is a confident woman and she ignores her critics, Because she continues to make social conquests. Network, and now with his participation in this new season of the adult content platform playboy celebrities,

Lisa Vega shows off her fabulous body in red lingerie

Vegawho turned 45 last October, shared on her official accounts on the meta platform, where she has millions of followers, a series of photos and videos in which she flaunted a flirtatious set of modeling lingerieWith which she exposed her shapely legs and was able to show her beauty to the fullest, due to which she became one of the favorites in the middle of the show.

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In the clip posted by Cuban, it can be seen that she poses by some stables, showing off her fabulous body with a look that highlights her curves and with which she shows that she is the most revealing. likes to pose with outfitters, as she showed off Backwards With her set which includes a lace pantyhose with a bra of the same style and a light fabric cloak she dropped to cause an uproar among her fans, who can now find her on the HotGo Latin America platform.

Lisa Vega collaborates again with Playboy Mexico. Photo: IG @lisvegaoficial

Lysesca Vega Gálvez, the real name of the musician known as the “urban poet”, confirmed with her looks that women over 40 can flaunt a great figure and flaunt it in daring clothes, as she had shown. Images that he published on his network, with which he wasted sensuality.

The 44-year-old Cuban native, who has participated in soap operas such as “Contra Viento y María”, “Tormenta en el Paraiso”, “Amorcito Corazón” and “Santa Diabla”, and who was seen a few months ago in “Las Estrellas Showing off her best moves in “Bylen en Hoy”, she has managed to make a mark on the social network for her way of dressing, especially when it comes to her fitted look that highlights her silhouette.

Cuban wins everyone’s heart with her looks in lingerie. Photo: IG @lisvegaoficial

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