From behind, Martha Higareda turns the temperature up in a floral bikini

Martha Higareda Reaffirmed as one of the most beautiful Mexican actors who steals the eye Hollywood, with a post on your account instagramWhere millions of fans follow the actress i.e. actress temperature rose while showing off hoe with a floral bikini This earned her thousands of “likes” and compliments as her fans showered compliments on the beautiful Tabasco.

The actress, who has been living in the United States for several years where she has filmed movies and series, surprised her followers by sharing a picture in which she was seen wearing a revealing and trendy outfit, a snapshot Which joins another recent revelation in which she wore a flirty two-piece swimsuit, confirming that she’s not only one of the prettiest on the show, but one with great style, too.

Martha Higareda sizzles in a flirty bikini

The 39-year-old actress shared an image on the popular platform “De la Camarita” that left her fans speechless as higreda She showed up by a lagoon and, showing off her curvy silhouette with a very chic dress, crowned herself as one of the queens of the look, because undoubtedly the lady of Tabasco knows when it comes to owning How to position as a style benchmark. For outfits for the beach or pool.

Martha wins in the flirty bikini. Photo: IG @marthahigaredaoficial

“Here, passing by to say hello. You know the gym isn’t my forte, but I want to have the body that my soul lives in next, so that it will last longer. From the insecurity of being too thin that Born to pioneer me to find the security that discipline gives ­čÖé Cheers to all those who, like me, feel sorry for exercising. Let’s move community!”, were the words that accompanied martha With the picture that soon became a sensation among her millions of followers.

“The most beautiful thing that is in Mexico (no offense)”, “You have a great body besides being very beautiful, you exercise is icing on the cake”, “Wow! Super beautiful!”, “I discipline and her Loved the security part I got”, “You are the closest thing to perfection!!!”, “Undoubtedly…… you are very sexy and you always carry self-esteem, confidence, elegance, security and presence “; among many others.

In the picture you can see the beautiful actress, who turned 39 a few months ago, posing with her back to a lagoon, with a waterfall in the background and a bikini flower With which the temperature rose on Instagram, managing to accumulate more than 700 comments and 185 thousand “likes”, making her post one of the most successful in recent times, as was another publication in which she Camera with flirty colorful look is seen posing in front.

This actress has been crowned the queen of bikini. Photo: IG @marthahigaredaoficial

Martha, Originally from Tabasco, she is one of the Mexican actresses who decided to try her luck in Hollywood cinema, having already had significant participation, with films such as “Lies in Plain Sight” and “McFarland, USA”, Even in some series, some of which are out. : “Steven Universe,” “Altered Carbon,” and “Queen of the South.”

higreda She is one of the beloved actors of show business in Mexico, as she gained fame since she was a teenager with her participation in successful films, “Amarte Duele” being one of the most remembered by its viewers. . Now, after 20 years, she continues to win over with her beauty, especially when it comes to revealing and risky looks, as she did on her Instagram account. instagram,

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Martha Higareda raises the temperature in a colorful bikini

Martha Higareda sets the net on fire with a plunging neckline

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