From Cancun, Carmen Villalobos raises the temperature with a revealing swimsuit

Carmen Villalobos is a leading actress and television presenter not only in Colombia but also in Latin America, because the girl born in Barranquilla has managed to win hearts through her roles in various soap operas and because of her beauty, which is unparalleled. Is. Also, in your account instagram She’s in charge of demonstrating why she’s one of the most beautiful women of all and raised the temperature from the beaches of Cancun by wearing a tight swimsuit that was all the rage.

one of the news circulating around Carmen Villalobos It was her separation from her husband, who was also an actor Sebastian Cassado. The couple married in 2019 with a dating relationship of over 10 years and from one moment to the next they announced their divorce. In connection with this dispute, the ex-husband of the television presenter said: “My only unbridled love at the moment is God. I don’t want what I experienced this year on anyone. Suddenly I find myself in a relationship, I don’t know whether with kids or not, but you have to be open to parenthood.

Carmen Villalobos splits from Sebastian Cassado. Source Instagram @cvillaloboss

one of the projects Carmen Villalobos Participated and was a success “Cafe con Aroma de Mujer” and “Hasta que la plata nos sepere”, which is one of the most-watched films on Netflix. The Colombian actress revealed details of what the recording was like and that the scenes in which she had to wear collars, orthopedic boots and that it was tiring cost her dearly.

On his Instagram account where he has more than two and a half million followers, Carmen Villalobos A tight swimsuit off Cancun beach raised the temperature, sparking outrage among followers. The Colombian actress showed off her incredible body and confirmed why she is one of the most beautiful women of all, showing off her curves from different angles and this caused a reaction from her fans.

Carmen Villalobos fell in love with all the people of Cancun. Source Instagram @cvillaloboss

publication of Carmen Villalobos This caused an uproar and stood out among the comments: “What is the beauty of a woman”, “You are the most beautiful”, “I have always been happy with you, my platonic love”. The actress showed that she stays in shape thanks to her strict exercise routine and has become one of the most wanted women of all.

Carmen Villalobos caught everyone’s eyes. Source Instagram @cvillaloboss

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