From heartbreak to pity, Fernando Colunga shows the worst thing that could have happened to him

Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga has been a soap opera heartthrob since the 1990s, his characters ranging from “Ashes and Diamonds” in 2022 to “El secreto de la familia greco,” through “Usurpadora” and endless roles that have brought him to his highest taken to the point. Career, now, on another level, already in a production for the United States, looks like he has another challenge.

To get the role and adapt well to it, Colunga underwent a small makeover, but it didn’t go down well with her fans, who had seen her for years as a sex icon and a persuasive and righteous heartthrob. . This will probably be one of the most important roles of his career, but he may lose supporters in it.

Fernando Colunga with his new image.

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The actor said this week that recording for “El Conde: Amor y Honor” was already finished and it would premiere in 2023 on the Telemundo network. The adaptation is from a period classic, so a darker accent for his character would be in his favor, however, can’t be sure if the photo he shared is already featuring or if the character he’ll be playing is that age. is greater than what the actor actually has.

Colunga must have felt bad about turning into a villain in a heartbeat

It is possible that this is a very important step for Fernando Colunga, who is returning to the screen hand in hand with a classic, for a new audience it may be what he is looking for, but apparently He would have to sacrifice a bit of his popularity during the process.. This year Colunga was also seen on screen with a program called “Historia de un Clan”.

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