From Qatar, Irina Baeva shows off her curves with daring mini shorts

Irina Baeva attracted attention on social networks during the last hours because She exudes beauty and sexiness in just a top and a daring mini short from Qatar Despite the fact that the said outfit directly violated the dress rules of the World Cup venue, however, the talented actress from Russia received dozens of accolades with which she reaffirmed herself as one of the most beautiful women in all of show business. : Was able to confirm.

It was through his Instagram stories where irina baeva released a video in which he supposedly went to the Qatari desert to participate in an experience that involved flying in a very strange aircraft as it was a kind of go kart, powered by turbines and equipped with a parachute. Thanks to this, he lived in the air. , So that Gabriel Soto’s fiancee showed that she is a big lover of strong feelings.

Irina Baeva snatched beauty from the desert of Qatar. Photo: IG: Irinabayeva

The dress that Irina Baeva wore for the occasion was white sporty crop top that exposed her worked absIn addition, he conducted a daring experiment Mini black denim shorts with which she could show off her toned and stylish legsMoreover, if anything was missing to make her look even more gorgeous, she wore a pair of white shoes and accessorised a pair of sunglasses, which gave her a good dose of style.

Irina Baeva stole more than one sigh in World Cup land. Photo: IG: Irinabayeva

Despite the fact that it was via his Instagram stories irina baeva They spread postcards and videos of their adventure in the Qatari desert, it didn’t take long for the images to reach other platforms and pages managed by their fans, where the compliments were instant and started pouring in by the dozens: “You are beautiful”, “More beautiful every day”, “The most beautiful”, “What a wonderful body!” and “Simply Divine” These were just some of the compliments the charming Russian got.

It should be mentioned that Videos and photos of Irina Baeva He was caught a few months back when he went to Qatar to produce a large number of capsules and reports TUDN’s “World Cup Play” where she currently serves as a host and whose recordings are done from Mexico City.

Irina Baeva was in Qatar before the World Cup. Photo: IG: Irinabayeva

Irina Baeva denies breaking up with Gabriel Soto

During the past weeks, various versions aired in which It was made sure that the romance of Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto was overIt was also said that there had been physical violence between the two and that the soap opera heartthrob had started a new romance with his colleague Sara Corrales, however, the beautiful blonde gave an interview to TVyNovelas in which took the opportunity to refute these versions And assured that their relationship is more vibrant than ever.

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto are closer than ever. Photo: Exclusive

,I’m still in a couple, we’re all right. it was more of a media issue, but we never parted, there was never a crisis (…) We go to the movies, we are together at home, but we shouldn’t publish anything to prove something”, the words of Irina Baeva put an end to the rumors.

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