From Rome, Mariagel shows off her hips in a bubbly miniskirt

mariazel He is based out of Mexico and has already shown some photos of Europe on social networks. in your official account TIC Tocthe star of the program”i fall with laughter“He shared with his millions of followers a Video In which he is seen showing his look flirty mini skirt black, outfit that was perfect for showing off moving hips In front of one of the most prestigious places in Roma,

The actress is also very active in her networks, mainly meta platforms, in which she has 3.6 million followers, from whom she constantly agrees with pictures and videos of her best outfits, however, she has been one of the celebrities who She had joined. Chinese social network with great success, as he currently has more than 8 million fans, whom he shows while showing his adventurous side and also the funniest.

Mariazell shines from Rome

The host of sporting events shared TIC Toc And Video With whom he fell in love with his fans while dancing in front of the Roman Coliseum, showing off a bubbly set mini skirt The black, which she paired with a red blouse, dark tights and high boots, manages to create a perfect look for the autumn-winter season, with which, on other occasions, she has positioned herself as a fashionista. Done and gave a fashion chair.

mariazelThe 41, who has also participated in shows such as “Esta Canon” with Yordi Rosado, and is currently one of the favorite hosts of the sports channel TUDN, is consolidated in social networks as a fashion icon for women who want to look amazing. Want Any Event, as confirmed by her travels to Europe, as the actress and her family visited Spain, their country of origin, before arriving in Rome.

“What a place! #Coliseromano #Roma #Italy” featured a little dance, phrases and hashtags with which the beautiful television star shared with the publication on the popular Chinese platform, which she garnered over 74 million views. “Like” and conquer your fans moving hips To the rhythm of Beyoncé’s song “CUFF IT”, a theme that has become one of the favorites.

Mariazell is seen dancing in front of the Roman Coliseum. Photo: TK @mariazelzel

With over 440 thousand reproductions and almost 40 thousand “likes”, the video in which mariazel Dancing in front of the Roman Coliseum, one of the most touristic places in the European country, has become a sensation, because in addition to the fact that the driver shows off his beauty and charm with his flirtatious appearance, he also showed that he has a lot Rhythm, therefore, was accompanied by her partner in the second clip, actor Adrian Rubio, with whom she has a daughter.

mariazel ole Casals, the presenter’s full name is originally from Spain and who came to Mexico as a girl, gained popularity with her participation in the comedy show “I’m laughing”Led by Fassi, in which she showed that she is a fashion lover and was seen with the most chic mini outfits, which she repeats on her social networks, in which she also shows off her stunning figure.

The driver experiences style on his journey through Europe. Photo: IG @mariazelzel

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Mariazel slays the net in a flirtatious look that highlights her curves

photo | Mariazel takes to Instagram with a black miniskirt and a low-cut shirt

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