From the beach, Barbara de Regil raises the temperature on Instagram with a microbikini

barbara de regil He is very happy with the effect of the telenovela”Cabo“, of which she is the protagonist. And it is that her followers express their affection for her character as Sofía and oppose her for not falling in love with Alejandro. Matias new, In the same way, they feel comfortable with the location of the place: Baja California Sur, as the cold weather is already beginning to be felt in different parts of Mexico.

In this case, she doesn’t suffer from the icy climate at all, so she takes advantage of the natural settings to pamper herself a bit. Through his Instagram stories, he published a picture that made his followers go crazy: he microbikini And she stepped out on the beach to sunbathe and maintain her cinnamon complexion. Lying face down, he limited himself only to conveying to his audience a coy smile and the benefits of nature in the background.

Although there is a bar for anyone to leave a comment, these do not appear, although they certainly have received a lot of affection and of course, hearts that the application allows to send as well. it’s not the first time barbara de regil In this way, she nods to her fans, as she almost always models for them in order to also show off her chiseled figure, which she did by virtue of a lot of work in the gym and healthy eating.

Barbara de Regil stuns everyone with her bikini (Photo: Screenshot)

Barbara de Regil is crazy about bikinis

Apart from being a great actress, she will always be remembered for her participation in films. “Rosary Scissors”, Wild of Royal she is a respected woman in the world Health, In his social networks he always publishes some of the exercises that he does in the gym in order to have a body that is not only strong and aesthetic, but also healthy. As if that was not enough, he always finds the right words to inspire people and moves his body for the same purpose.

Barbara de Regil has always taken pride in her muscular abs (Photo: Screenshot)

As is natural, being a beautiful young lady, she never misses an opportunity to show off a bit of her physique and what better way than organizations The tight-fitting and traditional bikini that every celebrity has in their wardrobe to wear every time they go on vacation to the beach, however in the Mexico City native’s case, this is no longer a problem, as she works in Baja. Doing California Sur.

Barbara de Regil is the protagonist of “Cabo” (Photo: IG @barbaraderegil)

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