From the bed, Maria Leone raises the temperature in a daring panther with openness

Maria Leon CShe always amazes her fans and followers on social networks, who also consider her an influencer, as she has 2.7 million on Instagram. singer this time left everyone’s mouth open because in his stories he published a clip in which he looked great sexy black leotard with cutouts and sheer stockings So that he can show his figure.

Its beauty is undeniable. Photo: Special.

The singer is an expert in fashion and knows all the beauty tricks to look perfect like a diva, moreover, in her publications Shows your flexibility and strength, Which is also the product of her routine in the gym and pole dancing, another subject she dominates.

she is the queen of instagram

This time Maria climbed a bit How’s your rehearsal for the choreography of “Merry Queen Bella”In which he has to lie on a bed. In the video he shared, he is seen wearing a leotard with open sides and a slight neckline on his chest, he also wore transparent stockings, which was an incredible complement. As expected, his fans relished the story and praised him.

Many of her followers consider her to be one of the queens of Instagram, as it is one of the social networks she uses and dominates the most, whenever she uploads something to her accounts it goes viral. And it is no coincidence, because she is very talented, charisma and beauty.

your success is no accident

The interpreter is one of the best moments of his career, but Leon’s success is not accidental, he has worked very hard and tried for many years. His career began with the group “T’ De Tila”. And later with “Playa Limbo”, with which his fame exploded. However, he is not “stuck” only in music.

He is a very versatile artist. Photo: Special.

She has also worked as an actress: in 2016, she made her debut as an actress participating in the series Guerra de Statues from Telemundo and Netflix, but she also participates in theatre, have a solo career And constantly participates as a host in concerts.

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