From the gym, Irina Baeva paralyzes the network with her exercise routine

Irina Baeva constantly amazes her followers With photos from Instagram that leave little to the imagination and steal a sigh; On this occasion, the Russian native mesmerized by uploading a clip in which she made part of her routine showing that she has the great body that she claims, from a gym in New York, As expected, his fans quickly showered him with praises.

Baeva has become one of the most sought after actresses in the entertainment industry and His last project was “Divided Love”., in which he was co-starred with Eva Cedeno, Andres Palacios and his fiancée Gabriel Soto. This melodrama was produced by Angeli Nesma.

It always looks awesome. Photo: Special.

Irina always looks amazing

Many girls on social networks follow Baeva, who often recreates her looks, as she is always the latest trend. this time he wore a white top and blue leggings which she likes very much. For the routine, the model also did several exercises, including Hip thrusts, different types of lunges and squats.

The Moscow-born girl has made a place in the hearts of Mexicans thanks to her stunning beauty and eloquence. She moved to Mexico City in 2012 She went on to study acting at the Televisa Center for Artistic Education and made her small screen debut with “Italian Girl Comes to Marry”.

Four years later he finally had a leading role in the telenovela “Vino el amor”. Three years later, he joined the cast of the telenovela “Soltero con hijas”, produced by Juan Osorio and starring Gabriel Soto and Vanessa Guzmán. Irina also played the villain Jimena Ortijo. In the second season of the television series “The Dragon: The Return of a Warrior”.

Won’t you get married now?

Irina, who turned 30 on October 25 and recently traveled to Qatar, is believed to be preparing something for the World Cup in November, which she did as a driver for Televisa in 2018. as did. But all is not perfect, as rumors have surfaced that he may annul his marriage and may even part ways with Gabriel Soto, but no one has confirmed or denied this.

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