From the gym, Vanessa Claudio raises the temperature showing her figure

Vanessa Claudio is a host and model of Puerto Rican origin, but who managed to gain popularity and fame on television in our country, in which she was part of the TV Aztec network for several years, which she later left. At 39, he’s in charge of the performance instagram Because she is considered one of the most beautiful women to wear tight sports outfits from the gym which raised the temperature and caught everyone’s eyes.

first year of Vanessa Claudio She participated in the Miss Intercontinental 2006 pageant held in Puerto Rico and where she was one of the finalists. After participating in several beauty pageants, she came to our country to be a part of the series ‘Venga La Alegria’ and was the cover of important magazines like Max and H. In addition, she was the host of ‘This is my style’. ‘ which was a reality show which emphasized on fashion.

Vanessa Claudio started her career with beauty pageants. Source Instagram @vanessaclaudio

Earlier this year, Vanessa Claudio He returned to TV Azteca after trying his luck hosting one of the most successful shows on television in the United States, such as ‘El Extreme’. However, she admitted that her departure was due to the fact that her image was sexually exploited and she wanted to be seen as someone different, not as a singer or dancer. Driver has graduated with Bachelor of Communication Sciences.

Vanessa Claudio returned to TV Azteca two years later. Source Instagram @vanessaclaudio

On his Instagram account where he has more than two and a half million followers, Vanessa Claudio She raised the temperature from the gym by showing off her incredible curves and wearing a tight sports outfit that highlighted her legs and her well-functioning figure, thus confirming that she is one of the prettiest women of all. .

On the other hand, the Puerto Rican model, who just turned 39, left everyone speechless when she showed off her body wearing an incredible swimsuit that grabbed everyone’s attention. Too, Vanessa Claudio She is one of the most wanted women, as she is single and hopes to find the love of her life to start a serious relationship.

Vanessa Claudio took to Instagram. Source Instagram @vanessaclaudio

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