From the Jacuzzi, Camila Sodi raises the temperature in a tiny white bikini

Camilla Sodi He captivated millions of his fans on social networks with unpublished photos. in your official account instagram The beautiful actress published in her stories images that she was not allowed to see, and one of them in which she shines a little white bikini and jacuzzilook with temperature rise And was reaffirmed as one of the most beautiful women in entertainment.

Although this is not the first time that Thalia’s niece it shines in a mess dekho de playaShe surprised the occasion with a revealing and short dress, with which she was able to show off her slim and curvy silhouette, which was admired by millions of her fans, confirming that at the age of 36 and mother of two children Being, she has a twenty-year-old figure who falls in love and causes fury.

Camila Sodi stuns in a bubbly bikini

The beautiful heroine of the soap opera shared in her official account instagramThe stage in which she has 2.6 million fans, a series of photos of different landscapes, and enjoying various activities, such as horse riding, behind the scenes of her recordings and more, but this was certainly the image she appeared in giving sunbathing by hot tub On a yacht that made his followers crazy.

Camilla won in a white bikini. Photo: IG @camilasodi_

“Randy pics,” he wrote Camilla To go with the snapshots with which she has stunned the eyes and won her millions of fans on the network, in which you can see an image in which she is inside a massage tub, a bubbly and a great body in a little white bikini Showing off, the set that she paired with a light colored cap and goggles, a perfect outfit to enjoy as well as cover herself from the sun.

sodi He released the photos on his official Meta Platform account, and although the number of hearts he received can’t be seen, we’re sure they were hundreds or thousands, as is the case with every publication he’s revealed on his profile. , mainly from Instagram, a social network in which she is very active and constantly surprises and falls in love with her fans with her images.

The actress has the best beach looks. Photo: IG @camilasodi_

Camilla She is the mother of two children, Fiona and Jeronimo, a product of her relationship with the actor. Diego Moon, with whom he married in 2008 and divorced in 2013, however, has shown that they have a good relationship. The actress shows on her social networks that she is a trendy mom who teaches fashion and style with her looks, like the one she wore from a yacht, with which she takes the crown as a fashionista.

niece thalia, started in the media when she was a child as a business model. Already in adolescence, she tried her luck as the host of the program “El Pulso” on Telehit, but it was years later that her big break on television came when she starred in the telenovela “Innocente de ti”, where she lived her life. Dia “Floresita” and heartthrob Valentino Lanas, and shared credits with other famous television actors in Mexico, such as Alma Delfina, Helena Rojo, Salvador Pineda and Altair Jarabo.

Thalia’s niece boasts of beauty and a fabulous body. Photo: IG @camilasodi_

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