From the stairs, Maribel Guardia captures her 63-year-old in a gold fitted dress

maribel guardia continues to prevail among the famous as one of the prettiest and was confirmed this Friday night when the weekend started with lots of style and the best attitude, well captive Posing her millions of followers on social networks from the stairs with fitted gold dress by which he also showed that his 63 years Twentysomething shows the silhouette.

The singer and actress is considered among those who are over the age of 60 and continues to show an impressive figure alongside the cast. Olivia Collins and Lourdes Munguia64 and 61, respectively, who continue to maintain their curvy silhouette as they did many years ago, proving that age is just a number, as are tight dresses or outfits that reveal the look of the beach. .

Maribel Guardia in a tight dress

guardia shared on their accounts Facebook and InstagramWhile millions of fans follow her, some pictures in which she can be seen posing some stairs Red, wearing a coquette gold-tone dress with which she perfectly outlined her silhouette and complemented the piece with transparent sneakers, achieved a trendy and youthful outfit with which she stole the glimpse.

Maribel slays beauty in a tight look. Photo: IG @maribelguardia

in snapshot maribel Shared with her 7.8 million fans on the meta platform, she can be seen showing off her slim and curvy silhouette as she lay down and sat on the site, wearing an outfit that’s perfect for styling the female figure. Perfect, because it’s a fitted piece that stands out for its “V” neckline and its cut below the bust, which refines the waist area.

“#Happy #Friday Don’t stop glowing just because some people are bothered by your light. I’ll be waiting for you today at @lagunillamb. #look @ronaldoanzuresmx”, was the phrase and hashtag posted by the actress to accompany . Images, managed to get hundreds of comments and over 20 thousand “likes”, a publication he also used to promote the play he is currently in.

guardia She posed stunningly with her tight look, reaffirming that she is one of the most beautiful women in entertainment, and above all daring clothing will continue to be a part of her wardrobe, as she has with other open, fitted has shown. Dresses or short films, with which she wins over her millions of fans and receives hundreds of compliments with phrases such as: “every day more beautiful”, “beautiful”, “you are a beautiful little doll” and “what a beautiful are female”; among many others.

The actress won over her millions of fans. Photo: IG @maribelguardia

maribel The actress and singer’s real name Del Rocio Fernández García began her career as a model and competed in beauty pageants, which brought her to Mexico, where she stood out in the so-called Cine de Fecheros, and is currently at that age. Show is only a number, as it boasts of a great body and great beauty.

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