From the terrace, curvy Zelma sunbathes in a colorful bikini and turns on the net

Zelma Cherum doesn’t stop being a trend Every time you launch a publication from your social network. now he sighs from a roofWhere you can have a perfect look for sunbathing.

“Taking the Vitamin of Light”

Although Temperatures have dropped in Mexico City for several daysWe can assume that this picture, which was published by the driver on his Instagram profile, will be similar to Saturday where the sun shone a little in the afternoon,

position taken advantage of by a former Survivor Mexico contestant who dressed Bikini and light colored top in blue and purple, We conclude that it’s a “selfie” she took lying down, Where you can see a curvy figure that woos her more than 700 thousand followers on Instagram,

“Taking the Vitamin of Light”. , Photo: Instagram @

Praise showers on curvy Zelma

Publishing already over 8 thousand likes and showers of praise Zelma Cherem. Feather, Comments like “You look beautiful”, “So beautiful”, “And that rose?”, In addition to heart emojis, it rained fire, hearts for the model.

Curvy Zelma teaches style to plus size women in a modern executive look

Zelma in recent days she wore a modern clear dress in which combined an off-white blazer with a brown topPearl-toned pants, plus patterned sneakers as accessories A gray bag with animal print and gold metallic detailing,

“OOTD. #curvyzelma #curvylovers #ootd #look #streetstyle #curves #beautybeyondsize”, escribio To get the driver to go with the images on InstagramReceiving dozens of flattering comments, among which you can read: “beautiful”, “pure elegance”, “just looking beautiful” and “divine”.

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