From the tub, La Mala Rodriguez melts the netting naturally and is wrapped in foam

Bad Rodriguez captivated my millions of fans social networkafter sharing this Instagram and Twitter a series of photographs in which it was seen from the tub and naturallyOne foam wrappedSo that molten Very little left to the platforms and imagination.

María Rodriguez Garrido, the interpreter’s real name, has become one of the most internationally recognized Spaniards, renowned for her talent in music, but also for being one of those women who fear censorship on the network. No, as if they confirmed it in the pictures they posted.

La Mala Rodriguez looks natural and turns on the network

In a series of photos shared with her millions of followers, the beautiful interpreter left little to the imagination, as she showed off in a bathtub and only covered by foam He was in charge of covering the parts that could lead him to violate the restrictions.

La Mala shows off her beauty from the bathtub. Photo: IG @malarodriguez

Bad Rodriguez She captivated millions of her followers on the network with her snapshots, as on other occasions she showed off her curvy figure and showed that she’s not afraid to look the most sensual and stimulatingAs he did this time from a plush bathroom.

“Who believes in love?” It was the phrase with which he published photos on Twitter, receiving thousands of “hearts”, while on Instagram he left a postcard with only a few emoji, reaching more than 15 thousand likes and hundreds. notes.

In stories from the popular meta platform, Badas it is also known spanish singeralso revealed some images in which he picked up the tone by revealing a bit more, received social network melt With its sensuality and beauty.

The singer exudes sensuality. Photo: IG @malarodriguez

Born in the province of Jerez de la Frontera, in the city of Cádiz, in the southeast of Spain, Bad From a young age she showed interest in music, however, she was a waitress, an aerobics teacher and a sweeper before reaching the success she is today one of the most famous Spanish women.

The actress, who collaborated with artists such as Juan Magan and Lola Andigo, has also become popular on social networks for her sensual and daring images with which she lights up the network. His fame has made him one of the most recognized representatives of the rap genre in the world.

The beautiful Spanish lady left little to the imagination. Photo: IG @malarodriguez

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In front of the mirror, La Mala Rodriguez turns on the net in a tight swimsuit

By the pool, La Mala Rodriguez melts nets in an alluring pink swimsuit

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