From ‘Yo soy betty, la fei’ La Pelitanida and Marcé look like this; After reappearing in Merida

A big surprise for Yucatecans when they got a part of the cast of I’m Betty the Ugly, this is how they look actresses are known as pelitanida You gears Later reappeared In Merida As part of the play ‘El Divan Rojo’ in which he shares the stage with Julio Cesar Herrera, better known as Freddy. Lorena Cepeda and Natalia Ramirez have forged a great friendship since starring in the Colombian telenovela.

Through their Instagram stories, the actresses of I’m Betty the Ugly known for the pair pelitanida You gears they reappeared in Merida, Upon his arrival in this state of the republic, he was greeted at the airport with a dance typical of the state of Yucatan.

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