Gabi Ramirez defies the net in a miniskirt that highlights her great body

Gabby Ramirez of come joy weekend After sharing it became a topic of discussion in the entertainment world photography In which she wore the riskiest look we have ever seen and her loyal followers on Instagram told her.

Famous for a year. born in the state new lion Debut as morning host TV AztecSo her fame grew significantly until she became one of the favorites of the broadcast and this is reflected in the number of fans she has on various social networks.

To show this, a few hours ago, the model shared a picture which went viral minutes later as she flaunted the attractive figure she possesses at the age of 32, possibly one of the most attractive in the entertainment industry. Is.

Photo: Instagram/@gabrirmz

Gabi Ramirez shines in a bold look

In front of the eyes of his more than a million followers, Gabby Ramirez He shared a picture in which he left little or nothing to the imagination with a risky sporty look, revealing the sculpted body that he has attained thanks to the fitness life he practices every day.

In the publication we see the driver come joy weekend Show off your modeling skills by showing off her heart-stopping abs and sculpted legs, over a white mini skirt and half skirt with a top.

As expected, Gaby Ramirez’s recent post on Instagram did not go unnoticed, as it went viral within minutes, reaching over 13,000 likes and endless comments so far, highlighting her beauty.

“Beautiful”, “I love you” and “Hermosa” were some of the comments received by the television star in her recent publication.

Photo: Instagram/@gabrirmz

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