Gabi Ramirez looks like the best “Katrina”, showing off her stunning body in a low-cut dress

Gaby Ramirez from Vaenga La Alegria Weekend Recently became a topic of conversation in social networks after his morning appearance TV Aztec Surprised by Katrina’s stunning look which is perfect for Day of the Dead celebrations in our country.

It turns out that last weekend the famous 32-year-old stole all onlookers’ eyes when she presented herself with a pretty outfit that established her as a true beauty queen or at least her loyal followers left her. Let him know, let him go. How nice it was.

Photo: Instagram@gabrirmz

Gabi Ramirez wears Katrina’s dress

a year ago when TV Aztec The cast surprised their millions of viewers by announcing that they would be a part of come joy weekendwhich is completely independent of the midweek edition and where sympathetic Gabby Ramirez,

Thanks to the excellent work she did on weekends, the famous woman born in the state of Nuevo León has significantly increased her number of followers on Instagram, a social network in which she currently has over a half million fans, which she is Make all the content you share go viral.

It was on this digital platform where come joy weekend shared an image in which we can see Gabby Ramirez Featuring as Katrina with a beautiful floral dress, which garners a lot of attention due to the risky neckline that lines the front of it.

It turns out that all the drivers of the morning TV Aztec they appeared in the guise of death dayBut the one who stole the most sighs was Gabby Ramirez, Well, the audience told her that she looked fabulous with her beautiful make-up and tight dress.

Seeing the post, netizens said that Gabby Ramirez The most beautiful among the famous television hosts was crowned as Katrina. “Bella”, “Hermosa” and “Espectacular” were some of the reactions generated by the recent publication of the TV Azteca morning show.

Photo: Instagram@gabrirmz

Gabi Ramirez, the new star of TV Aztec

As we mentioned earlier, Gabby Ramirez He . is one of the great personalities of come joy weekend By the way, every Saturday and Sunday, she shows her beauty with the best looks. Also, on a recurring basis, she is part of the star cast of Vaenga La Alegria. A few months back she was the winner of the reality show”I want to dance!,

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