Gabi Ramirez stuns the network with a miniskirt that exposes her great body

Beautiful hosting this Friday, November 25″Come La Alegria Weekend”, Gabi Ramirez She became a sensation on the digital platform after sharing a few pictures with which she established herself as one of the most beautiful once and for all. tv azteca,

At the age of 32, the television star has established herself as one of the most beautiful figures in the world of show business thanks to the outstanding work she has done in various programs, her most important collaboration being Saturday and Sunday takes place on the morning show. from television i adjust,

In this sense, a few moments ago, the model shared two images, one of the most risky looks that we have seen, or at least that’s how her faithful followers tell her, who has admired her beauty. Surrendered and sensuality.

Gabi Ramirez boasts a great body in miniskirt

in front of his more than half a million followers, Gabi Ramirez She shared a few pictures flaunting her perfect figure in an outfit that we are sure will set the trend later this year. All the internet users agreed that she is the queen of fashion and dressing well.

Photo: Instagram/@gabrirmz

It turns out that the reality show “I Want to Dance!” airs the winner of “Come on Joey“, showed that fashion is part of her day-to-day with a black mini skirt that highlighted her toned legs. The look was complemented with a white blouse and light-hued boots, which made her look hotter than ever made more beautiful.

Recent publication of As expected Gabi Ramirez It didn’t go unnoticed by anyone, in just a few minutes, more than five thousand “likes” and endless comments, which highlight how beautiful she looks with her alluring figure.

“Precious”, “beautiful” and “fantastic” were the responses the television host elicited.

Photo: Instagram/@gabrirmz

Gaby Ramirez’s legacy on TV Azteca

in present, Gabi Ramirez Thanks to the great work he has done as a collaborator in the various TV Azteca programs, he has established himself as one of the most important personalities on television.

Upon her arrival in the capital, the 32-year-old influencer has also come out for her participation in “Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana” and “Venga la Alegría”.

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