Gabriel Soto could repeat what he did with Irina and Geraldine

Gabriel Soto, Irina Beva and Geraldine Bazana

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One of the most famous and controversial couples in Mexican entertainment is undoubtedly Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva. Two celebrities who undoubtedly attract attention for their talent and for their many charms that make more than one admirer of them melt.

A relationship that seemed to be made in heaven, but rumors of infidelity on both sides could end it, as various media have reported that the two may have broken their marriage commitment. This would not be the first time for Soto, as it must have been the reason he ended up with Geraldine Bazhan, the mother of his children.

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Gabriel Soto will closely watch the end of his scandal with Irina Baeva

The Truth Behind Geraldine Bazhan’s Reaction to Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto’s Situation

The rumors keep on increasing and both of them have set out to clear everything. However, it is now revealed that Soto may be doing it again.

He will then do what he did to Irina and Geraldine

According to Media Publicetro, the actor will be interested in his “Los Caminos del Amor” co-star Sarah Corales, and will follow the same pattern as Irina and Geraldine, with whom he ended an affair with someone. shared cameras.

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