Gabriel Soto has already forgotten Irina Baeva and now he is the most romantic to conquer this beautiful actress

Show business was left shocked after this news broke recently Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva They ended their relationship, something that brought media attention to the public union, as various sources confirmed the separation. HonestBut the fans of the couple are still waiting for one of the two actors to rule on the matter.

It is known that Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva have commented on details regarding their relationship status on previous occasions, however, neither of them has spoken on the issue of their relationship. SeparationBut this lack of statements does not stop the controversy from growing.

This was confirmed after a visit to the city of New York, Various media outlets claimed that they saw Irina Baeva sharing moments with an American actor, which fueled various comments whether the Russian has already overcome her relationship with Gabriel Soto, who recently I said a kind of “goodbye” to my relationship with him. Irina Baeva.

In short, these speculations about the separation between the two celebrities were fueled by the fact that various news headlines in the entertainment industry assured that the protagonist of “Mi camino es amarte” took out all his belongings from the house. Is. a mover the place where he lived widow,

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto would have ended their relationship. Photo: Exclusive

Gabriel Soto, in love with a new woman?

What has attracted attention now is that not only has the Russian actress taken Soto out of her heart, it is because recently entertainment journalism experts, alex kaffee, published through his column in The Digital Herald “Sin flattery” that the actor is already behind the heart of a new lady, and this is Colombian actress Sarah Corrales.

In the column of a colleague of this publishing house, the following can be read: A few days ago, when I was buying a gift for the Sale el Sol Christmas exchange at the exclusive English perfume brand Jo Malone, the person who attended me at the Palacio de Hierro was kind enough to tell me Gabriel Soto He was there choosing a fragrance: “He asked me to advise him on choosing the best perfume for a very special lady, as it insisted.”

I found this anecdote interesting, but it turned out to be even more interesting to find out Sarah Corales Showing off some beautiful flowers (orchids) and a gift from Jo Malone the day before yesterday on my Instagram stories! I was so amazed by the fact that I immediately started making inquiries with the people who work on the telenovela Mi Camino Es Amarte (which stars the muscular actor and the beautiful Colombian star). “Gabriel is showing off for Sarah, big! He’s so crazy about her that he has flowers in her dressing room every day,” my informants told me. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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