Gabriel Soto: these are the photos that prove his romance with Sara Corrales

Although Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto have denied their breakup on more than one occasion, the rumors about it are increasing rapidly and everything points to the fact that the actor will win the hearts of the people. Sarah Corales with expensive gifts. As proof of this, such pictures came to the fore, in which it can be seen that colombian actress using who is her scene partner in “My Way Is to Love You”.

For weeks the actors sparked separation rumors as they no longer share rromantic message and moments together on social networks, it is added that they do not attend important events as they used to and they keep their distance making sure that it is their daughter-in-law employment agreementBecause of which he would have even suspended himself. boda,

Gabriel Soto may be trying to win over Sarah Corrales. Photo: Alex Coffee

In the midst of the controversy, Sarah Corrales was accused third in contention Since the actor has shown special interest in her. This was stated by entertainment journalist Alex Caffi in his column for El Heraldo de México, where he revealed that Gabriel Soto may have given her a necklace that she never took off until a few weeks ago, showing that there was something between them. is romantic

Images proving a courtship between the actors were also sent to Driver by one of his followers, who noticed that Sarah Corrales shared a story on Instagram in which she collar With little brown balls and a detail in red, as worn a few weeks ago actor All the time and with whose photograph there is evidence in which his shirt is open.

Necklace shared by Sara Corrales and Gabriel Soto. Photo: Alex Coffee

gift from gabriel soto

This wouldn’t be the first time the actor sends gift to your partner Scene Sarah Corrales with the intention of reaching her heart, because in recent days the actress shared a photo on Instagram in which she wears an exclusive Jo Malone brand perfume that was sent to her as a gift, although she did not reveal the details. did not do.

It was entertainment journalist Alex Kaffee who hinted that the actor may have sent it: “A few days ago when I was doing the acquisition of Jo Malone, exclusive english perfume brandsA gift for the Christmas exchange of ‘Sale el Sol’, the person who attended me at the Palacio de Hierro told me that Gabriel Soto was there.

According to the person who briefed the journalist, the soap opera heartthrob requested help choosing the best perfume because she was “a very special woman.” Although she didn’t name it, it was an image of the actress thanking her for the details. For. From which it became clear that it was about him.

The journalist also announced that, as a sign of his affection and interestGabriel Soto sends every day Flores -Specially Orchids- to Sarah Corrales changing room. So far none of the actors has given a statement in this regard nor has he confirmed the separation with Irina Baeva.

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