Gabriel Soto’s boyfriend who didn’t like being the third in discord

Gabriel Soto

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One of the most famous and controversial couples in Mexican entertainment is undoubtedly Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva. Two celebrities who undoubtedly attract attention for their talent and for their many charms that make more than one admirer of them melt.

A relationship that seemed to be made in heaven, but rumors of infidelity on both sides could end it, as various media have reported that the two may have broken their marriage commitment. This wouldn’t be the first time for Soto, as it must have been the reason he ended up with Geraldine Bazhan, the mother of his children.

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This has sparked more than one rumor of Soto’s relationship and that Soto was a woman who didn’t want to lend herself to the same thing.

Gabriel Soto’s boyfriend who didn’t want to be the third in discord

Martha with Julia Soto and with LaGuardia

This is actress Martha Julia, who was one of Soto’s sweethearts in real life, but Ernesto LaGuardia’s boyfriend in the novel ‘Corona de Lagrimas’. There, she fought to be LaGuardia’s only love, but he refused, although he no longer wanted to be with his wife.

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