Gabriel Soto’s brilliant gifts to win over Sara Corrales behind Irina Baeva’s back

For a few weeks, rumors were spreading about the relationship between the two. Gabriel Soto I irina baeva, where it is said that the couple is going through a rough patch and are no longer together, however, no one has confirmed the alleged break-up. And it is that the rumors continue to grow because it is said that Soto already has a new conquest, it is Sarah Corales,

Gabriel Soto why Sarah Corales They are production partners, as they are both the protagonists of ‘Mi Camino es Amarte’. Now rumors suggest Soto is on the lookout to win a whole a the back of irina baeva Send Luxurious Gift for his co-star, as according to some sources Gabriel sends flowers and other ostentatious gifts to the actress in her dressing room.

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