Gal Gadot’s ‘Mujer Maravilla 3’ canceled by Warner Bros.

The changes in Warner Bros would have canceled ‘Mujer Maravilla 3’ of Gal Gadot and other movies of what was known as the DCEU

Just when it was said that Black Adam would be in plans for a possible sequel due to the earnings of between 70 and 95 million dollars and the confirmation of the spin-off starring Aldis Hodge, Hawkman, new reports inside Warner Bros have said that the sequel to Dwayne Johnson would not be possible and, even worse, the study would have been canceled Mujer Maravilla 3 de Gal Gadot,

The Hollywood Reporter reported that James Gunn and Peter Safran had developed a plan for the reconstruction of the DC universe and in their plans no figure would complete the trilogy directed by Patty Jenkins, whose script had been developed in the company of Geoff Johns and himself. discarded in presence of the director of mujer maravilla y Mujer Maravilla 1984, A penalty for one of the most profitable franchises of what remains of the Snyderverse.

It is not known if the Israeli actress and also the star of Rapids and Furiosos would have retired from the role of Diana. This cut would have had presumptive reasons, as sources close to the production argued that Gadot would be charging 20 million while the producer, 12. the second The iron man continue with the return of Henry Cavillalso would have been cancelled.

Warner Bros.

‘Black Adam 2’ doesn’t seem to happen

Besides that Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdomde James Wanwould be the last of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, the king of the Atlantida. However, this will not be the last time we see him as part of DC, as he wishes to be himself. recasted to play his favorite character in the entire universe of comics, El Lobowhose tracks had been given in their social networks.

Warner Bros.

‘Man of Steel 2’ series canceled

Here is a mystery of Cavill resigning from The Witcher and making his official return as Superman through social networks. In addition, the same portal that filmed a cameo in The Flash, that of Andy Muschietti, which would not be included in the final court. The only film that is safe, for the moment and is intocable for the director The suicide squad, Batman in its sequel currently in development by matt reeves y Robert Pattinson,

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