Galicia will use drones to eradicate poaching

Fishing Guards of the ‘San Martino’ Fishermen’s Association hey grove training as a drone pilot to combat illegal fishing and shellfishing, An activity involving a fine of up to 60,000 euros and a prison term of up to four months,

Through Aerocamaras, a Galician company specializing in the development of unmanned vehicles and technical solutions for these teams, the guards are receiving the necessary training To be certified and able to apply drones in control and surveillance by poaching,

Professionals have already passed the theoretical stage and are immersed in practice. This training is “tailored” for this groupso that they can get “an immersive experience and rehearsal in their actual work environment” droneThey explain from Aerocamaras.

During the practical phase, a specialist instructor of Aerocamaras trains them to tactfully handle the controls of the aircraft and learn maneuvers that will be useful in their surveillance tasks. With this training they will gain AESA certification which qualifies them as professional drone pilots. and you can start working with technology His guards on patrol.

“These guards have to deal with dozens of poachers daily who don’t respect limits or quotas” fishing, They hide between rocks to harvest and illegally sell shellfish, such as barnacles, destroying their natural habitat., The same happens with clams or razor shells, the predators do not take into account their size, they catch them when they are small and do not allow them to grow, which can cause environmental problems in the futureā€, he elaborates. telling.

Russian soldiers stand guard next to the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant near Gerson, Ukraine.

For this reason, drones are presented as a solution to face this battle, as it would allow them to have better control over various shellfish banks. Aerocamaras CEO Jaime Pereira confirms that “the training will provide fisheries guards with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply drones to their surveillance. They will also improve the efficiency of their searches, as they can with these aircraft.” Huh Complete air control in a matter of minutes and cover a large amount of terrain, These also include rocky areas where it is difficult to monitor on foot.

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