Galilea Montijo shows off her stunning body at age 49 in a dress full of openings

Last Sunday, October 16, Televisa dealt a blow to the competition with the premiere of the fourth season of the reality show. who is the maskJigsaw?, featuring Yuri, Galilea Montijo, Marisol González, Carlos Rivera, Juanpa Zurita and Umar Chapro,

At the premiere of the 2022 edition, the celebrated host of the Hoy program, Galilea Montijo She was in charge of stealing everyone’s eyes thanks to her scintillating performance. Umar Chapro They baptized her as “The Queen of the Hunch”, as her arguments for finding celebrities under Botargas were always well received by audiences.

As if that weren’t enough, the former driver of little giants She also dazzled at the grand premiere after making it clear that fashion is a part of her daily life, as she showed off her seductive figure in a pretty red dress that fit perfectly, and attracted millions of followers. instagram,

Galilea Montijo dazzled in a red dress

A few days ago through my social network, Who’s the mask? confirmed that their team of researchers will undergo a significant transformation after integrating Galilea Montijo, who is considered one of the most important show stars in recent years due to the work done on the Hoy program.

Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo

In her debut within the cast of the reality show, Ki Saathi Andrea Lagaretta At the Hoy event, she stole all the sighs by showing off her great body in a red dress, revealing her curvy stomach and her sculpted figure, which became the sensation of the event.

on his Instagram account, Galilea Montijo She shared a picture that consolidated her as the prettiest, revealing a huge part of her figure. The lovers of the entertainment world assured that the dress fit perfectly, so they crowned her as the queen of fashion at the age of 49.

As expected, the publication of the famous woman born in Guadalajara, Jalisco did not go unnoticed as in a matter of minutes she added over 17,000 likes and endless comments highlighting how well she is Looks great and what an excellent job she has done. On her debut in the show Who’s the mask?

Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo

Galilea Montijo and her legacy on Televisa

As we mentioned earlier, Galilea Montijo She is considered one of the most famous in Mexico for being part of the main cast of the Hoy program, a place where she shares leadership with figures of stature. Andrea LagarettaTania Rincon and Raul “Black” Araiza.

Also, a few months back he was confirmed as a member of divine leader And who is the mask currently? appears as a researcher. Away from show business, he is a celebrity on social networks, as he has more than nine million followers on Instagram.

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