Gavi has to give up football to be Princess Leonor’s boyfriend

During the past few weeks, princess eleanor And Gavi have been involved in dating rumors ever since the King of Spain personally traveled to Qatar to obtain an autograph from none other than Gavi for his daughter, Leonor. Then it turned out that the princess was carrying a notebook with a photo of the Spanish midfielder.

Now, it turns out that in order to formally start a relationship, Gavi He would have to formally give up his professional career as a footballer in order to become a member of the Spanish royal family. And it is that according to the regulations of the Spanish Royal House, within section no. in the activities of the royal family, the following is read:

,Members of the royal family can only carry out activities of an institutional nature, on a special basis, This means that as part of royalty, Gavi will only be able to carry out institutional activities marked by the agenda of the Royal House, leaving no room for Gavi’s football career.

Princess Leonor consoles Gavi after Spain’s World Cup exit in Qatar,

it’s all too difficult for him to get up to, and he’s barcelona He really loves football and according to rumours, he is currently not interested in starting a relationship formally unlike Princess Leonor. Gavi is currently in an open relationship with a girl he met during a match, so he has no eyes for Leonor.

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