George Hotz, the hacker who signed Elon Musk to work for Twitter

Some jailbreaks for the iPhone that allow the limitations to be removed for iOS and the PlayStation 3 were the first hacks of computer expert George Hotz. Throughout his career, he has worked for big companies like Meta and Google and his relevance is such that he was able to afford Turned down a job offer from Tesla in 2015. However, Hotz has confronted Elon Musk again, this time on Twitter, and it looks like this time he wants to be a part of a billionaire company.

Amidst all the layoffs taking place within the firm, Hotz has shown his support for Musk and announced that he will become part of the staff. Twitter’s new boss, who defended the “extremely hard work” of his employees, has hackers as allies in his business philosophy: “It’s the attitude needed to make great things happen.”

The purpose of the computer expert within Twitter is quite specific: to fix the Twitter search engine and it can be annoying for some users. hacker has agreed to work Without receiving salary in return: “I’ll do my best to do it. I have twelve weeks.”

Musk demands that employees work hard.

Here are a few things Hotz took care of during his internship at Twitter:

  • get rid of from login popup Not dismissible when you scroll a bit while searching for something while logged out.
  • allow users can find what they’re looking for, even if they don’t say the exact words (as in Google).
  • be able to find Within Liked and Viewed Tweets,
  • To facilitate Access to modifiers and advanced searchLike discord
  • he gotWhen a code like ‘from’ is used while searching tweets of a particular person, colons are automatically added,

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