Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marty are caught in love as young as two teenagers

since Shakira And Gerard Pique is falling apart that has captured media attention around the world. Amid legal disputes over the custody of Little Milan and Sasha, legal scandals with the Spanish Ministry of Finance and meetings with their lawyers to reach an agreement that did not succeed, Shakira You Gerard Piqué He has many reasons to appear in all the tabloids of Pink Press. Although on occasion he has been a footballer who plays in the ranks of FC Barcelona and his girlfriend, Clara Chia Martis who gave the note.

A few days ago, Shakira gave some statements for Elle magazine and there she told the fact that both she and her children are living and how is her parents’ relationship with them. Gerard Piqué, A few days later he can be seen during a youth Milan baseball game in which he sent a message to his ex, Gerard Pique, and his new partner, Clara Chia Martis, through his outfit. Both were sitting away from each other during the sporting event.

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