Gerard Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia Martin were caught riding scooter, they forgot about Shakira

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Gerard Piqué he looks more and more in love Clara Chia Martis and their presence is more frequent and public, because on occasion they were caught smiling while riding scooty for Barcelona.

We must remember that since their relationship was made public, they decided not to hide anymore and, although they don’t have many as a couple, they have been able to catch them a couple of times and the truth is. that is they look happy.

long time ago Gerard Piqué You couldn’t see him smiling with Clara Chia. it is known that Relations with Shakira were bad for a long time, Either because of his alleged infidelity or because of the perceived bad character of the Colombian.

every time she’s with him He laughs, dances and appears in any gesture of affection, Something that didn’t happen to Shakira. In fact, the latest images that went viral now have nothing to do with these images.

According to jordi marin The couple, formed by Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Martin, will have a year together, who covers the source and who has closely followed the duo’s separation and career. The same in which he was cheating on Shakira.

journalists She also talked about an alleged infidelity she brought to light and that she was with an ex. Leonardo Dicaprio, Bar Refaeli. Apparently by that time Shakira would have left Barcelona with her two children. Then it looks like Waka Waka and Pick’s interpreter reconcile and try again.

For now, Pique and Shakira are still in contention over the custody of their children Sasha and Milana And, while they don’t reach an agreement, they have to see each other’s faces and enjoy the children’s activities.”together but not mixed,

As has happened in recent times. Shakira and Gerard Pique attend a Milan baseball game. They didn’t say a word to each other and they didn’t even look at each other. She arrived with her family and friends and she accompanied her mother, the Montserrat Bernabeu.

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