Gerard Pique buys a millionaire mansion to live with Clara Chia Marty; near Shakira’s house

rebuilding your life next to your new girlfriend, Gerard Piqué Seek not to let go of peace at all costs ShakiraThis is because a new acquisition of the footballer came out recently. According to some sources they assure that the football player has completed Negotiate one of Millionaire Mansion For to live Thief Clara Chia MartisBut the interesting thing is that it is located very fence From Casa Colombian

It was said a few months ago that Clara Chia Martis You Gerard bickering They already lived together in the footballer’s bachelor apartment, but everything indicates that this property is not suitable for both of them, so the footballer looked for a way to acquire the second property, thus reassured by the central criminal. Gave Negotiate From Millionaire Mansion, This information was shared by Papperzzi Jordi Martin.

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