Gerard Pique devastated; He had to be comforted by Shakira with an emotional hug after he broke down in tears

Much has been said about the last meeting they had face to face shakira why Gerard Piquéto reach an agreement regarding the custody of their children and, although both celebrities can no longer be seen in paint, the international media confirm that at one point in the meeting, the former football player was left devastated to the point where the Colombian went console her with emotional hug Later romp girl In Weeping

Gerard Piqué He has attracted attention in recent times, because after his emotional farewell to the club Barcelona, ​​where he said goodbye to his life as a footballer, the businessman will start a new war against his former partner. shakiraTo decide the future of their children and, it seems that the agreement between the two did not go so smoothly, as it is rumored that the former player was not so happy that Barranquillara would move Sasha and Milan to Miami to live.

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