Gerard Piqué furious reaction to the leaked video of Clara Chia Martí at Shakira’s mansion

with backlash It happened so Gerard Piqué it was caught up when asked about leaked video where it allegedly appears Clara Chia Marti Feather Haveli of shakira, when the former player was still in a relationship with the Colombian, a situation that went viral around the world; especially because of speculation of infidelity on the part of the owner of the Cosmos towards Barranquillaera.

after separation shakira Thief Gerard PiquéSeveral theories have emerged that suggest the former player was unfaithful with the Colombian player on several occasions, which has led to some alleged evidence that would prove it, such is the case of a 2022 video where the former Barcelona player turned streamer Ibai did live with Haveli of the singer, but what was most shocking was that a few minutes later a woman appears behind the businessman, where many people pointed out that it was Clara Chia Marti.

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