Gerard Piqué gives emotional advice to son before leaving for Miami with Shakira

it’s only been a few days shakira why Gerard Piqué They had one last meeting to make it official and sign in front of a judge to determine the custody and future of their little ones. There was an agreement so that the Colombian woman could go live with them miami At the beginning of 2023, so the Spaniard tries to make the most of the little time left with both of them in Barcelona and before that date arrives, the former footballer takes advantage of their last coexistence and seizes that time taken dio some emotional Advice For this Son a few weeks old Change,

however the exact date on which shakira will do Change complete the miami, Gerard Piqué They have a few weeks to live with Sasha and Milan until they leave the Spanish city permanently. That is why the former footballer has separated a little his relationship with Clara Chia Marti and has been seen in her company this weekend sonsEnjoying quality time and sharing our passion for the game.

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