Gerard Piqué has been reunited with his children after parting ways with Shakira

A week has passed since Shakira and Gerard Piqué reached a separation agreement, under which the singer will soon leave Barcelona to settle with her children in Miami. Although the date of his departure is still unknown, everything indicates that it may be imminent and that Milan why Sasha will make her 2023 debut in the US.

So much so that this weekend the little ones said goodbye to their baseball team after playing their last game of the year. A very emotional farewell in which the Colombian was present who, after encouraging her children like a true cheerleader, went down on the grass to take pictures with the children’s classmates, becoming the protagonist of the meeting, the last in Milan in Barcelona .

Shakira’s father, William Mebarak, is already at home and has recovered after his previous hospitalization, it is speculated that the ‘Monotonia’ singer no longer wants to extend her stay in Spain and may first Since then she is finalizing the details of her desired step. to miami. And, we don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, since she reached an agreement with Piqué after six months of tense negotiations, the Colombian’s face has changed and the sadness of weeks before has turned into a smile of satisfaction and joy. Gone impossible to hide.

Meanwhile, and enjoying his first days of ‘freedom’ after leaving football, it has been published that Gerrard has spent a few days in the Pyrenees with Clara Chia, his best support in facing the complicated situation that the farewell of their children to Barcelona.

Back in Barcelona, ​​the first thing the ex-footballer has done is to reunite with the little ones, trying to make the most of his last weeks with them. First Pique picks up Milan from Shakira’s house, A moment in which we saw him ringing the phone for the little kid to come out. From there, and with a seriousness that indicated he was not having a good time, Catalan went to one of Sasha’s extracurricular activities, and then went home with the kids, where they spent their first afternoon after signing the agreement. Enjoyed Due to which their children will soon move to Miami.

This story was originally published on November 16th, 2022 at 5:29 am.

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