Gerard Pique meets Shakira and Clara invites Chia Marty!

Gerard Pique and Shakira they can’t escape Controversy over their breakup Although the encounter at their children’s game was already uncomfortable, this time the footballer may have crossed the line by taking his girlfriend on a date with his former partner. can be awkward moments not pleasant for the singer. Here we tell you how it happened.

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Gerard Pique bought a house to live with Clara Chia Martis

journalist Jordan Marty revealed that the footballer may have bought a house for between 3 or 4 million euros in a nice area of ​​Barcelona, ​​where He would be willing to live with his girlfriend Clara Chia Mart, In addition, the house where the couple will live is very close to the place where Shakira lives.

Gerard Hamred and Clara Chia | instagram

Shakira and her grieving process after breaking up with PK

only on one occasion Shakira He talked about his grieving process after the breakup Gerard Piqué, in an interview with allie She assures that they are dark moments in her life, as she is concerned not only with separation, but also with the health of her father and the care of her children.

She also revealed that she put her career second so that the football player could be successful while taking care of her children. Saha y milan.

Shakira and her children | instagram

Gerard Pique meets Shakira and takes his girlfriend

As Jordi Marti revealed, Gerard Pique and Shakira He had a meeting with the lawyers and though it was about issues that the two related, the place also came Clara Chia.

The 23-year-old girl was waiting for her partner near the meeting place, while she was with her children’s mother and lawyers a few meters away.

“Clara Chia was waiting for Gerard Pique 100 meters from the office,” he said.

Gerard Pique and Shakira are in divorce proceedings. instagram

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia They have not managed to get out of the public eye and everything is indicating that they do not even intend to stay away from it.

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