Gerard Pique poses Shakira at an important meeting to negotiate custody of his children

After making headlines with the announcement of his retirement from football this Saturday Gerard Piqué Played his last match at Camp Nou, he was with him at the time. sons And he was also supported by Clara Chia Marty. However, after this crucial moment for the footballer, it turned out that he already had main meeting Thief Shakira to define a compromise By custody of Sasha and Milan, in which they left plant In Barranquillera, the house they lived in.

Is meeting both had agreed to reach a compromise to determine custody His sons, after their separation. It is known that this was the fifth appearance he has maintained. Shakira You Gerard Piqué To determine who will keep the children. For this new appointment, the Colombian had organized a friendly meeting, as sources reveal that he had asked for an aperitif catering so that everything was pleasant, although the former central defender left him. plant

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