Gerard Piqué’s disdain for Clara Chia that would have ended their relationship

recent former footballer Gerard Piqué He did one thing that his girlfriend didn’t like clara chiaAnd apparently it was these little details that ended the relationship.

The player and his current girlfriend started a relationship when the footballer barely broke up with the Colombian singer shakiraFor which they have been in the headlines of the most important magazines in the world, as they assure that it was an infidelity.

However, the couple seemed very happy with their romance until certain gestures were seen by her which caused tension in the relationship.

recent players Gerard Piqué and were meeting his girlfriend Davis Cup, In spainAnd there the couple was seen apparently healthy and happy, but those present noticed something strange.

it seems that at one point clara chia He kisses his partner in the middle of the cup final, but instantly and without paying attention to her, he lowers his head and wipes the kiss with his jacket, giving new theories about the supposed instability of the relationship.

As expected, many fans reacted and shared their opinions, as they assure that it is not at all seen in the video that he erased the kiss, while others confirm that he did, and that estrangement He is already fed up with the relationship.

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